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We offer a full range of network systems integration and support services. We can design your network, install all components and provide ongoing support services.  We support a variety of environments from Novell 3.x-5.x, NT 5.x, Windows 200x, Windows XP as well as cross platform networking that may include Mac 8.x-10.x and legacy systems such as AS400, VAX or other main frame technologies.
Our Systems engineers can also support intranet/internet security requirements, VPN access, Wide Area Networking and a variety of telecommuting solutions.
  • Network Design, Implementation and Support
  • Protocol Analysis/Streamlining
  • Data Center Support
  • Server and Network Upgrades /Migration
  • Security Auditing
  • Wide Area Network Solutions
  • Bandwidth Analysis
  • VPN Solutions
  • Telecommuting Solutions
  • Troubleshoot/Optimize network configuration
  • Network and Software standardization

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