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1. Check-Remove toner/paper dust and other contaminants from Fusing Assembly.
This is the most common maintenance item in the machine generating repair bills as high as $600. We remove contaminants before they do damage!
2. Fusing assembly gears are checked for wear and smooth performance.
3. Check Separation Pad.
This part prevents more than one sheet of paper from entering the printer at a time. As it begins to wear out, multiple sheets may feed into the printer causing jams. A new pad prevents this.
4. Clean pick-up roller surfaces.
The pick-up rollers actually liberate small amounts of fiber from every page they pick up. Some of this bonds to the roller, making it slick or dusty. For most machines, cleaning this is a sure-fire cure for pick-up problems.
5. Check - Clean Beam-to-Drum Mirror
Toner and paper dust can bond to surface of the beam to drum mirror causing print quality problems.
6. Clean Registration Rollers
Like the pick-up rollers, these become coated with a hard, shiny white film of paper debris that makes them slick. Solvent cleaning restores them to their original texture.
7. Clean Exit Rollers
This is done in somewhat the same manner as in the step above.
8. Tighten or Replace Screws. Check Exposed Grounds.
Loose srews can fall out of the clamshell into the cartridge and affect output. Loose grounds can cause bizarre and unpredictable failures.
9. Check / Lubricate Machine with appropriate high temperature grease.

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